Top SEO Tips for 2021 That You Never Knew

SEO Hacks 2021 to Hush the Monster

SEO is a monster for people who don’t know about it but aim to achieve huge goals through their blog or website. As difficult as it looks, SEO isn’t that hard if you get proper information about it. But how is someone supposed to reap benefits through it when everybody on the internet is giving the same old advice, without properly breaking it down.

Browse through these Top SEO Tips for More Traffic

Even if you are a beginner, by now you would know that SEO brings traffic to the quality content posted on your website. A site without SEO is like an aquarium without water. So, here are the top SEO tips that will not only make it easy for you to understand the “Search Engine Optimisation” game but to also master it in a few steps.

1. Add a Snippet Widget to Your Blog Post

The year 2019 saw a drastic decrement in the number of clicks on the top web pages for a certain Google result, even after ranking on the first page. This is because many websites used “snippet widget” in their blog posts making it very convenient for the audience to skim through Google only.

For example, if you type “aloe vera juice benefits” on Google, you will come across a detailed widget from “Healthline” listing all major points.

So, you get a quick idea of what you are looking for and close the tab. You do not worry about clicking on the first webpage anymore. Isn’t it?

This is what gives you the top SEO tips you should follow in 2020. Even though you post high quality and informational content, there is no point in posting it if no one is viewing it. So, don’t forget to apply a snippet function or widget to each of your blog posts to draw more attention.

2. Find the Best SEO Tool

It is very important to select “focus keywords” for any blog posts that actually have a search volume. Why would somebody write on a topic that no one searches for? This is what leads to the need for the best SEO tool that can guide you on the most suitable and traffic bringing keywords for your niche.

Although many sites may suggest Google Adwords, there are many simpler and easier tools available on the internet. “Keyword Everywhere” is a very effective and helpful tool but it is a paid extension. So, if you are looking for an authentic SEO tool that can suggest the best keywords for free, you should try out Neil Patel’s “Ubersuggest”.

3.Work on Making the Content Better Rather Than Creating Better Content

Tricky title, right? A lot of websites may suggest creating better and more unique content to gain more credibility, recognition, backlinks, etc. Although the advice isn’t wrong at all, 2020 has a different spin on it. Why not make the content better rather than focusing on something really unique but with no search volume? Once you find the best keyword that can elevate your Google search results rank, start working on something better than the content that occupies the first position on Google.

Ready to Execute these SEO Hacks & Get to the First Page of Google?

Everyone on the internet is reading the same, old SEO advice. So, despite being really helpful, they are not actually helping startups and aspiring bloggers get organic traffic. We hope you found our top SEO tips really useful and new. Apart from these SEO hacks 2020, there are many more little tips and tricks that might level up your game within a few weeks or months. Stay tuned with us to get the best SEO hacks that are easy to understand and implement. 

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